PresentationBuilder is a part of the PowerTools for Open XML project that enables developers to shred and combine Open XML presentations in a variety of ways.

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Download PresentationBuilder from

Download PresentationBuilder, which you can find in the Downloads tab in the project on CodePlex. PresentationBuilder source code and examples are in PowerTools for Open XML 3.1.*.

Quick Introduction to PresentationBuilder

Watch this first. Explains what PresentationBuilder is all about, and presents a short demo.

All About PresentationBuilder Part 1

Discusses the problem that PresentationBuilder solves.  Shows how to build the sample.  Explains the arguments to the constructors in detail.  Also discusses the auxiliary files that PresentationBuilder.cs needs: PtUtil.cs, PtOpenXmlUtil.cs, and PtOpenXmlDocument.cs.

All about PresentationBuilder Part 2

Shows how slides are copied, along with the correct layout, master, and theme parts. Discusses how those parts are related to each other.

All About PresentationBuilder, Part 3

Shows how PresentationBuilder covers the various parts and relationships other than slides, master slides, layouts and themes.

Release of PresentationBuilder 2.4.0.

This version supports a large number of scenarios that were not supported in the previous versions.

Release of PresentationBuilder 2.5.0.

Optimizes storage of images.

Screen-Cast: Use Merge-Pptx Cmdlet to Shred and Combine Presentations

Explains and demonstrates the Merge-Pptx PowerShell Cmdlet, which enables you to manipulate PowerPoint presentations in interesting ways.