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Hands-on Labs: Starter versions (C#)

Hands-on Labs: Starter versions (C#)

These hands-on labs are for use with the HOL manuals.  The "starter" version of each lab is the starting point, and the "solution" versions are what you'll have after following the instructions in the HOL manuals.

Labs 01/02 cover basic .NET XML programming and how to work with the packaging API.

Labs 03/04 show how to create WordprocessingML documents, including application of concepts covered in modules 03/04.

Lab 05 covers custom XML, and demonstrates how to create a WordprocessingML document with a custom XML part that is bound to content controls.

Labs 06/07 show how to create SpreadsheetML documents, including application of concepts covered in modules 06/07.

Lab 08 shows how to create a PresentationML document that includes basic transitions, animations, and business graphics (charts).

Lab 09 demonstrates how to use XLSX to transform business data into a WordprocessingML document, and then how to transform that WordprocessingML document into an HTML document.

Lab 11 demonstrates how to use C++/CLI to work with the System.IO.Packaging API from unmanaged C++ applications.

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