Despite some issues, I still delight in the Goldofu, and fight together with the squad I will continue to come back additional. Some of the prevalent complaints you see on the web are exaggerated (FIFA 18 is not as frustrating as FIFA 17), but you can find some definite concerns like referees and players switching.

The collections game motivates players to complete "sets" to unlock rewards such as trophies and players. At the core of collections are achievements – as I described earlier, trophy cards e.g. elite trophy are awarded for achievements, which can then be used in collection sets. Madden rewards players for continued play with achievements, which can then be used for collections. Collections are a key part of the progression journey described above; once you start a collection, you are working towards something that makes your team better, like an elite, 94-rated Taylor Mays from the Combine collection see screenshot below. When you start a new collection, Madden compels you to come back for more game sessions to complete what you have started.

One of the elements that keeps basketball or any team-based sport, for that matter fresh NBA 2K MT Coins and exciting is that your game plan can dramatically change depending on which opponent you face. If you are playing against a team that loves a high-tempo, fast paced offense with quick perimeter shooting, your strategy will vary from a team that slows the ball down and takes its time whittling away near the basket.

The EA sports meta-goal is very clear, whether it's Madden or NBA Live - build the best team. You take on the role of General Manager not explicitly stated it, but that's the idea and build the "ultimate" team. If we're talking in basketball terms for NBA Live, it's literally the All-Star or dream team that you're building - not taking the current Chicago Bulls roster and turning them into champions. You are collecting the best players across the league - LeBron, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant - and putting them on one squad, your squad.