Despite a long period of economic and international isolation Kyle Singler Jersey , Cuba has grown into one of the finest luxury holiday destinations in the world, and its mixture of natural beauty and unique culture continues to draw in visitors from across the globe. There are plenty of different kinds of Cuban holidays that you can take ? active or relaxed, a cultural visit or a desert island getaway?or all of the above! If you are interested in taking a holiday to Cuba but aren?t certain what kind of holiday to have, here are five experiences you shouldn?t miss out on?

Go on a City Break to Havana

Havana is a truly unique holiday destination, a colourful city that seems to be perpetually stuck in the 1950s. The colonial architecture is perhaps the best preserved in Latin America Josh Smith Jersey , and the Old Town of Havana is peppered with beautiful sights. But there?s more to Cuba than pretty buildings ? a vibrant music scene, gregarious locals, and a cultural mix of African, Caribbean and Spanish cultures ensures that the people are just as fascinating as the place.

Stay in a One of Cuba?s Historic Hotels

For a truly unforgettable luxury holiday to Cuba, book in a stay at one of the islands most historic hotels. These loving restored colonial buildings provide a feast for the senses Joe Smith Jersey , and are amongst the most interesting and diverse accommodation options in the world. Particular highlights include the spectacular Saratoga Hotel and the National Hotel in Havana.

Relax at an All Inclusive Coastal Resort

There?s plenty to keep you fascinated and entertained in Havana and the other cities, but if you crave relaxation and seclusion, head to the coast. Ranging from the sprawling resort of Varadero to the more intimate Cayo Largo, Cuba?s holiday resorts are renowned for the quality of accommodation, attentive service Joe Dumars Jersey , and simply stunning natural surroundings. If you are looking for peace and quiet, a luxury holiday on Cuba?s coast will be just what you are looking for.

Go Diving at Cayo Coco

Cuba?s rich coastline has long supported an active tradition of deep sea fishing, but if you?d prefer to swim amongst the fish rather than catch them on your Cuba holiday, the warm waters provide plenty of superb opportunities for scuba diving. Almost every coastal resort has diving facilities, but Cayo Coco stands out from the rest for the quality of its dive sites. Well known amongst divers for its enormous coral reefs and an abundance of angel fish Jerry Stackhouse Jersey , nurse sharks, butterfly fish and numerous other species, Cayo Coco is the place to go for divers on holiday to Cuba.

Play Golf in Varadero

There aren?t many opportunities for a round of golf on the island, but keen golfers who are craving for the chance to play whilst on holiday in Cuba won?t be disappointed ? the El Varadero Golf course is a real delight. Well designed, the course provides a great playing experience for both amateur and experienced players Isiah Thomas Jersey , and the Xanadu mansion which acts as the clubhouse is a classy place to relax between rounds.


Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee has pledged $1 million to Hurricane Maria relief efforts on his native island.


He was born and raised in Puerto Rico and lives there full time. His real name is Ramon Ayala Rodriguez. He says in a statement he "felt the call" as a Puerto Rican to help.


He says his long-term goal is to "work to ensure that the largest number of families on the island have a safe roof."


Rodriguez says the money will be split between Feeding America, the American Red Cross, Habitat For Humanity and local organizations. The money comes on top of 10 truckloads of supplies donated by fans at his concerts.

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