Hockey is a rough game and it is a very brutal sport to be involved in. There are really a lot of injuries tht are common amongst hockey players. These are a part of the game however that doesn't stop them being career threatening. A lot of hockey players are prone to back injuries Jorge Villafana USA Jersey , knees, arms and many other things. The team most common injuries that hockey players get are

Lower back
Head trauma
Neck strain
Black eye
Broken teeth
Spinal cord injury
Broken bones

Often these injuries are career ending and this happens a lot in the NHL. Many players have to cut their careers short becaue of an accident or due to a repeat of overuse injuries in the same place. If it is not career ending it is common that a player has to play in pain for many many years and eventually will escalate to a serious overuse injury that makes them stop. It requires a ot of pain management and therapy. many ahockey player sthat have these injuries often have to play in pain Jordan Morris USA Jersey , and it is not a comfortable thing to have to do. It make slife very hard to deal with. You often see a lot of atheletes becoming reliant on pain killer to play, and that is definitely not a good idea. These can also cause other issues.

Many common knee problems are simply fixed with a cortisone shot John Brooks USA Jersey , this can cause erosion of cartilage over time, after too many shots. This can be very serious and may result in a full or partial knee replacement in later life. This is why a lot of physical and massage therapists know straight away whether an athletes body will hold up properly the course of their life or whether they will simply have a lot of trouble in that area. It will eventually wear out due to frequent repetitve motion and moving that they do during the game and training throughout the year.

The biggest problem resulting from these injuries is the fact that many players have to have surgery to fix it. This can also result in a lot more pain over the years and is never pleasant. The rehabilitation is always tough Joe Corona USA Jersey , and a player must simply have the right mindset to be able to get back from it stroner than what they were before. The pain can be chronic and very annoying over a long period of time and make it dfficult to sleep and to do normal activities that does not at all involve hockey. Most athletes however will not accept retirement after a serious injury and will do their best tp get back to what they were before hand. However the big problem is that during the rehabilitation many athletes think they know what is best for them and will simply not listen to what the doctor or the therapist has to say. They will need to rest and do let their body adapt however the athlete wil want to do more and more and try to get stronger and stronger. This often simply makes the injury worse. It won't get them back on the ice in a shorter amount of time.

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