There aren't many mainstream genre films centred on women aged in their 70s, which is reason enough to pay attention to Insidious: The Last Key, the fourth instalment in the horror series which has run since 2010. Like its predecessors, it's written by Australia's Leigh Whannell, otherwise known as the mastermind behind Saw. The woman in question is the professional medium Elise Rainier, played by Lin Shaye, a veteran character actor probably best known as one of the favourite grotesques of those burlesque specialists the Farrelly brothers (she was the spray-tanned crone tongue-kissing her dog in There's Something About Mary).

Elise was always the go-to expert for any Insidious character battling a demon infestation, but she remained a supporting player until The Last Key, a technical prequel which fills in her own origin story.

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