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How to add hidden data into slide

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  • Hello,

    I want to add some hidden data(information) into different parts of the slide (e.g data which is related with paragraph or image). Is there any element in which I can place my own "string" data (or as a value of its attribute), but which will not be refused by PowerPoint application?

    For example, in word documents I use hidden-bookmarks for this purpose. As a value of name attribute of the bookmark element I put my wished data. However, PowerPoint doesn't support bookmark elements.

  • Hi,

    In WordProcessingML, along with hidden book mark, we can use <w:vanish> element to hide the text of the run

    <w:vanish />

    I guess, the facility of hiding the content is not available in PresentationML.


  • Hi, thanks for your fast replay. I have continued to search for the solution for the problem that I had explained in previous message, and I found "Markup Compatibility Attributes and Elements". This allows me to add new elements or attributes into markup document, which belong to the namespace that I defined. Actually, I have marked added elements as "Ignorable" and Word/PowerPoint applications do not complain. However :-(, when I change the document within Word/PowerPoint and then save it, the elements I added to the document were removed. There are the attributes called "PreserveElements" and "PreserveAttributes" which should suggest the application to preserve added elements and attributes after saving. I tried that but I lost added elements(attributes) again :-(. Could you please comment this message and tell me if it's somehow possible to preserve added elements into markup document after its editing and saving from Word/PowerPoint application. Thanks
  • Hi,

    In the spec, the following is mentioned  in page no 6017.

    "Even in the presence of explicit preservation guidance in a markup specification, any markup editor might choose to discard together all ignored markup without regard to the presence of any PreserveElements or PreserveAttributes attribute. [Note: The explicit presence of the Ignorable attribute indicates that discarding such markup before editing produces a document that conforms to relevant specifications and is self-sufficient  in its semantic interpretation. end note]" 

    I believe, it is upto the editors to preserve these elements and attributes when the document is saved.

    Might be, office 2007 word/excel/powerpoint editor implementation always overrides whatever the provider specified when saving.

    Any way, I will ask this question to MS.


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