slightly fragrant, very suitable for carving. If you put rosewood or its shavings into the water, its floating material will give off a bright fluorescence, and this phenomenon can often be seen in rainy days. Two, the lignumvitae lignumvitae also called gaiac wood, it is a kind of fine hardwood timber, mainly because of its high hardness and the name. Lignumvitae belongs to the evergreen tree, has high economic value

and medicinal value, 80% of the wood is used for shipbuilding, all over the world are regarded as important resources of rare wood, which in our country belongs to the two national protected plants, is a very popular timber tree species. Lignumvitae wood is hard, is endemic to Yunnan and Guangxi precious tropical broad-leaved tree species. The precious wood, fine texture, straight trunk, imposing, shiny,

and uniform structure, texture staggered dense, high strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, anti moth, strong durability, no special smell, can be used in military industry, shipbuilding, architecture and crafts, musical instruments such as the use of super hardness. Durable. Three, rosewood and lignumvitae difference in hard wood furniture, furniture made in Ironwood at the lowest price, according to

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