with what advantages of performance? Please see below Xiaobian introduced it. 1, the general general wood floor waterproof and wear resistance are not very strong, and the lack of ceramic flooring or wood flooring to bring the comfort of foot feeling, while the existence of a certain degree of natural stone radioactive, and microcrystalline stone wood flooring, The use of stone powder, plastic powder, microcrystalline composite additives production of

microcrystalline stone flooring, both to meet people's comfort and warmth of the needs, while eliminating the concerns of the performance of wood flooring. 2, microcrystalline material compared with the general material, has increased solute atoms in the matrix of the solid solution limit, resulting in additional solid solution strengthening effect, so that the floor strength increases, the material grain size than conventional materials 1-2 The order of magnitude, thus

improving the toughness of the floor, corrosion resistance and wear resistance and fatigue resistance is also improved. 3, because the stone wood flooring selected in wood, ceramic tile, marble 3 kinds of materials, so can extract its advantages and successfully break through a variety of conventional technology, the use of advanced bonding technology and high-tech crystal synthesis, the formation of strong and stable balance structure , Thus overcoming the

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