VANCOUVER, Aug. 14 (Xinhua) -- The skies above the Canadian city of Abbotsford in the outskirts of Vancouver came alive on Sunday as super-sonic metal birds ripped through the air at the Abbotsford International Airshow.


The three-day annual event which began on Friday has become the largest show of its kind in Canada and attracts more than 125,000 people to see some of the world's historic and most famous planes in full flight.


Among the aviation fans on Sunday was Jerry Vernon, who has attended the show for more than 50 years.


"It's great now, well with digital for one thing. You can take thousands of shots now as opposed to the old days of taking it with film. And just take a lot of pictures and hope you get some good ones," Vernon told Xinhua.


The airshow first took flight in 1962, launched by a local flying club to draw attention and business to the town's airport. It later became one of the most important aviation shows in North America, drawing top pilots and airplanes from around Canada, the United States and Europe.


Jadene Mah, Abbotsford Air Show spokeswoman, said the air show has built a great reputation over the past half century.


"We've seen a lot of firsts here at the Abbotsford International Air Show. And this is the only place where you can see an F-35, and a Boeing Super Hornet on the ramp side-by-side and we are very excited that we were the first place in Canada to display an F-35," she said.


Lockheed Martin's F-35 fighter jet has been in the Canadian headlines in recent years, as the government had been mulling a purchase of the stealth fighter as a replacement for its aging CF-18 fleet.


The show organizers say the event has become a major showcase for the aviation industry to introduce their latest models to the government and the air force.


VANCOUVER nike air skylon 2 australia , May 12 (Xinhua) -- The International Summer Night Market in Vancouver's suburb city of Richmond opened last week, giving locals and foreign visitors a chance to taste a variety of food.


The market, named by Travel and Leisure Magazine as one of the top four night markets in the world, is expected to attract 30 undercover nike react element 87 australia ,000 people every weekend. The market runs every weekend until Sept. 27.


The night market has the vibe of an international street food festival with crowds gathering for quick, hot eats from Japan, China, Korea nike react element 87 australia , Vietnam and Canada.


After several months of Vancouver's long, rainy winter, residents here would now have a chance to get together outdoors for tasty food near the banks of the Fraser River and have a good time.


"They're definitely out there to try many different types of food that they normally don't get at home or shops," market manager Liza Cheung told Xinhua nike acg dog mountain australia , noting that visitors especially like skewers, as they were quick, and easy to eat.


The market provides a good launching pad for new food sellers who want to get a taste for the local market without locking into a permanent location for a restaurant.


In the night market, Scott Truong has set up a street food-style shop selling authentic Vietnamese stir-fried corn with shrimp and green onions.


"I'm thinking maybe just to bring Vietnamese culture to people here nike pg 2 playstation australia , so they will know more about our culture, our food, our style," he said. "If you walk around here nike odyssey react pink australia , (you will find) most of the items are Chinese or barbecue, so I wanted to bring something different."


He said the night market has brought together people with different backgrounds and given everybody a chance to try different food while hanging out late into the night.


The market, which runs until 11 p.m. on weekends, also gives young people a safe place to gather while providing them lots of interesting snacks such as ice creams and the market's famous hurricane potatoes. There are also musical entertainment and merchandise vendors in the old industrial lot.


WASHINGTON nike odyssey react australia , Oct. 16 (Xinhua) -- Canadian researchers said Wednesday they have developed an antibody treatment that may be able to prevent death from Ebola virus even when given three full days after infection.


The findings, published in the U.S. journal Science Translational Medicine, suggested that it may be possible to develop a cure for Ebola even after the virus can be detected in the blood and disease symptoms have become apparent.


Although rare, Ebola virus is considered one of the most if not the most aggressive virus known to date in part because of its rapidity to kill nike epic react flyknit australia , which can be within one week from exposure or three to four days from when the first symptoms become apparent. This leaves very little time for any treatment to act and save a sick individual.


"For this reason, such a treatment has been considered by many to be closer to the domain of science fiction than contemporary scientific research," lead author Qiu Xiangguo at the Public Health Agency of Canada told Xinhua.


In their study, the researchers gave Ebola-infected monkeys a treatment made of three specific antibodies in combination with interferon alpha nike air force 270 phantom australia , a molecule that is produced naturally by the body to fight viruses.


The antibodies are "like three little but powerful missiles" that target three different outer regions of the virus, Qiu said. Once in contact with the virus external coat, these antibodies interfere with the virus lifecycle and reduce the ability of the virus to reproduce. At the same time, the interferon alpha boosts the defenses of the infected individual by stimulating a natural but rapid and robust anti-viral response nike air force 270 safari australia , she said.


The combination of antibody and interferon therapy was 75 percent and 100 percent protective in cynomolgus and rhesus monkeys when given three days post-infection. About half of the cynomolgus monkeys were protected at four days post-infection in cases where only interferon alpha was given earlier, one day post- infection, Qiu said.


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