NAIROBI Cheap Italy Soccer Hoodies , Nov. 25 (Xinhua) -- Kenya is set to tour Pakistan next month for a series of five one-dayers against Pakistan A at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore.


According to Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), who announced the dates to their Kenyan counterparts, the tour will hold considerable significance as they look to break their isolation as an international venue.


Kenya will arrive in Lahore on Dec. 11 and will play the five games between Dec. 13 and 20, before leaving on Dec. 21.


The PCB had invited Kenya Cheap Italy Soccer Shirts , and the two boards discussed holding the series in November initially, before the tour was postponed as the PCB waited for government clearance.


For Kenya, the series will help them prepare for the ICC World Cricket League Division Two event in January, in Windhoek Cheap Italy Soccer Jerseys , Namibia.


Pakistan has been a no-go zone for major international cricket since gunmen attacked the Sri Lankan team bus in March 2009. Kenya are the second Associate country Pakistan have invited over in the last six months.


Ireland had been invited earlier and had been willing to tour Pakistan in September, but the terrorist attacks in and around Karachi airport in June ruled out the proposition.


The PCB had also asked Sri Lanka to come over earlier this year, without much result.

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