NEW YORK Toni Kroos World Cup Jersey , Dec. 27 (Xinhua) -- With only four days to go in the year, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Friday that the big city is on track to set a new record low in homicide and shooting rates in 2013.


There have been 332 homicides so far this year, down 20 percent from last year's record low, and down nearly 50 percent from 2001, the mayor said. This year is set to be the lowest since the city started keeping track in 1963.


Meanwhile Thomas Muller World Cup Jersey , the number of shootings has fallen by 20 percent from last year's record low -- with 1,093 shootings reported through Thursday -- down 32 percent from 2001, he said.


Overall crime is now down 32 percent from 2001 in a city of 8.4 million people, he said, noting that the decline has not been achieved by putting more people in prison.


Rather Shkodran Mustafi World Cup Jersey , it's been achieved while putting far fewer people in prison as incarceration rates in New York City have decreased by 36 percent from 2001, he said.


The innovative programs the city is undertaking are helping to keep people out of jail, and to prevent them from returning to jail, as it believes discharge planning and pre-release preparation are critical to reducing recidivism for both pretrial and sentenced inmates, he added.


The mayor attributed the historic crime lows in the city to strict gun laws that are strictly enforced and also aggressively defended the New York Police Department's use of the controversial stop-and-frisk tactic as a key to the big drop in violent crime.


The most murders New York City recorded in a single year was 2 Sebastian Rudy World Cup Jersey , 245 murders in 1990, an average of six murders a day. New York City is now averaging less than one murder a day, even though its population has grown by about 300,000 people since 2001.

Is kayaking dangerous? The short answer is: NO.

Now the caveat - there are dangerous situations out there in the world of kayaking (as there are crossing the street) but like crossing the street, we can control these situations with a high degree of confidence Sami Khedira World Cup Jersey , given the right tools and the right knowledge.

Since the most perilous types of kayaking are by sea and whitewater, I'll restrict my answer to concentrate on these pastimes.

First, I would say beyond a shadow of a doubt that you should - heck, MUST wear a helmet if you're anywhere near a shoreline. This is especially true of whitewater kayaking safety. It only takes 13 pounds per square inch of impact to permanently damage your head. This is certainly not said to discourage or scare you! On the contrary, you should wear a helmet so you can remove this worry from your mind and have a good time. There's nothing macho about being a vegetable Mesut Ozil World Cup Jersey , even if you think you look dorky with head protection.

With regard to kayaking safety, buoyancy is key for staying safe and stable. With that said, I'd also recommend a personal flotation device - this sometimes means wearing a lifejacket although they're often referred to as PFD's. You should keep the PFD on and zipped up at all times - this alone could save your life.

Specifically to sea kayaking safety is the question of how far is safe enough to venture from shore. When you're out there, think to yourself, "Can I safely swim back to shore from here?". If the answer is no Max Kruse World Cup Jersey , get to paddling until your a safe distance from land.

Sometimes, you will become capsized which means you will be turned over in your kayak completely upside-down. Now, before ever going it alone, I would consider it a must to learn how to do an eskimo roll in order to right the craft and get stable again. If you can't do this - learn now from an experienced friend or instructor. The eskimo roll is a pretty counterintuitive exercise that you can't just learn by force of will.

But the alternative to learning how to roll is to abandon your kayak and exit the craft. Once this is done you can swim back to shore and think about how to retrieve your very expensive kayak. Given the choice, I'd take some lessons! ;-)

Another preventable hazard is the weather. Check the conditions before you go out on the water and use common sense. Assess your own skill level and don't be afraid to cancel an outing should it become necessary.

And if I can impart just one more thing...

Until you become an advanced sea or whitewater kayaker Matthias Ginter World Cup Jersey , ALWAYS go out in groups of two or more. It only makes sense.

Kayaking is such an amazing rush sometimes but it doesn't always have to be an extreme sport. It has aspects that should appeal to all ages and lifestyles. But in order to have the time of your life, you'll need to remove doubt from the equation and be as safe as possible by using common sense and kayaking safety.


WELLINGTON, May 23 (Xinhua) -- Exposure to earthquakes appears to make many children in quake-prone Christchurch more resistant to other pressures in life, according to a New Zealand study released Tuesday.


Clinical psychologist Maureen Mooney from the Joint Center for Disaster Research of Massey University analyzed children's experiences of Canterbury earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 to determine how they cope with natural disasters.


In her newly completed Ph.D. research, Mooney interviewed 42 children from five schools in Christchurch aged five Mats Hummels World Cup Jersey , nine and 15 years, along with children from several Wellington schools as a comparison group.


"All children were interviewed 20 months after the first earthquake during an ongoing aftershock sequence, and six selected children from Christchurch were interviewed again three years after the initial earthquake," said Mooney, who has confronted crisis situations in Haiti Mario Gotze World Cup Jersey , Cambodia and Sudan.


Mooney, who is also a Red Cross consultant, found that the Christchurch children who dealt most effectively with the earthquakes had multiple coping strategies that they used flexibly, in compa. Wholesale Jerseys China Free Shipping   Cheap T-shirts   Cheap T-shirts   Cheap NCAA Jerseys Wholesale   Cheap Soccer Jerseys From China   Cheap NHL Hats   Cheap Nike NFL Shirts   Cheap Nike NBA Shirts   Cheap Baseball Hoddies   Cheap Hats China