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Goodbye and Hello

OpenXmlDeveloper.org is Shutting Down

There is a time for all good things to come to an end, and the time has come to shut down OpenXmlDeveloper.org.

Screen-casts and blog posts: Content on OpenXmlDeveloper.org will be moving to EricWhite.com.

Forums: We are moving the forums to EricWhite.com and StackOverflow.com. Please do not post in the forums on OpenXmlDeveloper.org. Instead, please post in the forums at EricWhite.com or at StackOverflow.com.

Please see this blog post for more information about my plans moving forward.  Cheers, Eric

Code Samples Convention

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  • What do you think about showing Open XML code samples like MSDN shows .NET code samples (same code for C++, C# and VB.NET)? Although there is not a 1 to 1 (to 1) relationship from Word to PowerPoint to Excel like there is from C++ to C# to VB.NET; there is a very close analogy for almost everything.

    For example...

    Word:            Add New Section
    PowerPoint:    Add New Slide
    Excel:            Add New Sheet

    When examples are written like this with the three code samples in one topic it will be easier to navigate code samples and bring unity to the programability of Open XML accross implementation.


  • I like it.  We need some kind of structure for code samples, and there's a pretty obvious list of these sorts of tasks that most implementations will need to handle.  Perhaps we could create a list of the samples, and various people can contribute the snippets.  Care to take the first shot at creating the list, Stephen?  :-)

    We also need to allow for various platforms and languages.  I'm wondering if maybe a good way to do that is to put together pseudo-code outlines of the steps that make up common tasks such as deleting a part.  A well-commented piece of code could serve the same purpose, I suppose.  The goal would be to have a platform-independent list of exactly what's involved, ready to implement on any language or platform.

    - Doug


    - Doug Mahugh Technical Evangelist, Microsoft
  • That is a good idea. May be I will try working on some sample code in C# and/or VB to create a Office Open Xml Document and try to make it as generic as possible.



  • Hi

    I have published an article which creates a word document it is published under the title of

    "Creating an Open XML Document in .NET "




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