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How To Distinguish Between Worksheets

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  • Hi...
    I am trying to use the Open XML SDK to generate an Excel document that has multiple worksheets.  My current strategy is to use Excel to create a template that already has all the worksheets present and named (via the tabs at the bottom of Excel), make a copy of the template, and then fill the data into each worksheet as required.

    I am able to get a collection of all the worksheets using VB code like this:

    Using excelDoc As SpreadsheetDocument = SpreadsheetDocument.Open("C:\excelFile.xlsx", True)     
        Dim excelDocWorksheetParts = excelDoc.WorkbookPart.GetPartsOfType(Of WorksheetPart)()     
        For Each excelDocWorksheetPart In excelDocWorksheetParts     
    End Using

    But when I cycle through the WorksheetParts in excelDocWorksheetParts using a For Each loop, my testing has shown that the collection of worksheets returned by the above code are ordered in an apparently random manner.   I was expecting them to be ordered from left-to-right as they appear in the tabs at the bottom of Excel, but this is not so. 

    Clearly, I need a way to figure out which worksheet I am working with in each iteration of the For Each loop.

    It seems reasonable to me that I should be able to distinguish between worksheets by using the name that I have given each worksheet in the Excel tabs, but I just can't figure out how to do this.  Unfortunately, every code example I can find deals only with documents have only one worksheet.

    If anybody has any ideas as to how I might go about distinguishing between worksheets within the For Each loop, I would love to read them.

    Better yet, if you know how I can just get the one WorksheetPart by name that I am interested in, that would be excellent.


  • I found example code on the Microsoft website that is exactly what I am looking for.


    It's the function called GetWorksheetPartByName.
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