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  • Forum Post: How to convert the track changes into custom xml tags using word 2007 open xml.

    I need to convert the each track changes into custom xml tags(like insert, delete tags), without opening the document. could you help in this regards. Regards, Kavin.
  • Forum Post: Test files

    Are there any test suite for Word or Office files. In my past work with other formats (such as PDF which is also ISO format) there are several public (and evern commercial) test suites. Is there anything like that in the land of OpenXML?
  • Forum Post: Usage of custom markup in Open XML document. ECMA, Markup Compatibility and Extensibility

    TL;DR : Did a lot of research. Lost, if it is only possible to insert custom xml tag in a docx file, if it was and it is no longer possible or if I dreamed it. Hi! I have some questions about using a custom markup inside an Open XML Document. <w:mycustommarkup><w:r>…</w:r><...
  • Forum Post: OpenXML - Word Processing - C# - How to separate the page number from footer text?

    I'm creating a footer using the below code. It works fine but I'd like to display the footer text on the left and the page number on the right. I tried justification within Run properties but no luck so far. Also, the page number is displayed as just a number but it'd be nice to have it displayed...
  • Forum Post: Structured Document Tags + Formatting?

    Hi everyone, i am currently experimenting with WordprocessingML and got to a behavior i can't follow. Some words of explanation: Before i start writing any C# code and use the Open XML SDK, i want to understand the concept of the XML part resources inside a docx package. So this is why i edit the...
  • Forum Post: Extract video files(Ole objects) from word document using Open XML

    Hi I want to extract video files (.wmv) which are embedded into a word document using open xml. I have figured out that they go to the embeddings folder with the extension .bin. but the problem is how to change that .bin file to its original format(renaming doesn't works)
  • Forum Post: Updating Embedded Excel File for a Chart in Word

    I have a Word Template that contains three charts (a pie chart, a scatter plot, and an area chart). When I generate my document, I need to be able to update the underlying data in the embedded Excel files that hold the data for my charts. I've watched "Screen-Cast: Updating Chart Data in WordProcessingML...
  • Forum Post: Positioning within a Word Processing Document - Floating Pictures - Positioning

    Hello people help me please with this topic! Thanks! Positioning with <wp:positionH> and <wp:positionV> If the simplePos attribute of <wp:anchor> is false, then the object is positioned using the <wp:positionH> and <wp:positionV> child elements, corresponding to horizontal...
  • Forum Post: Convert docx to images ?

    Hello, I need to convert a docx to images . How do i go about this ? How do softwares like Aspose.word and others implement this functionality where in they convert a word document to images,pdf etc ? How can we implement this without using INTEROP ? PLease suggest as to where will i be able to achieve...
  • Forum Post: DocumentBuilder dont find file create in runtime

    i use DocumentBuilder.BuildDocument(Sources, Outfile) , i created a dynamically files list (The source), i try to do a file merging this list, inside the list, i have three files, created in runtime, when i do the debug of the project, the files are there i can see him and read, but when documentbuilder...
  • Forum Post: Get position of character or paragraph in Word document

    How to get exactly position of a character or paragraph in MS Word document?
  • Forum Post: Re: How to insert image in the Microsoft Word Document by OPEN XML SDK 2.0

    I answered my own question regarding linking an image rather than simply embedding. Hopefully you will find this useful as well. I borrowed heavily from the MSDN article outlining how to insert/embed an image into a newly created Word document ( http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb4974%28office...
  • Forum Post: OpenXml: Word XML Document to PDF conversion

    Hi All, I am working on Word XML document for conditional document merging and manipulation. In my application, user converts a MS word document in to XML by saving it as XML document and upload it. My application pick the xml file and save its XML content into the data base. On the basis of some condition...
  • Forum Post: Re: Find and update a picture content control in a document

    Hi Weston Just Try This Below Code Replace Particular Image Public string ApplySignature(string fileName, string imageName, string imageTagName, string SignatureName, string SignatureTag, string SignatureDesignation, string SignatureDesignationTag) { string folderPath = AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory...
  • Forum Post: Problem to update CustomXMLPart with feedData

    Dear all, I have a document, with a customXLM defined, and binding made manually with a tool. I populate some part of the customXML with a call to a webservice, that's why I would like to remplace some part of the CustomXML. This task is ok, I replace some XMLNode in a XMLDocument. But when I want...
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