"Since it required a long investment for the UFC to open the (featherweight) division, the greater part of the competitors marked with Bellator. That is the reason the young ladies with greater names in the division are at Bellator," Cyborg said amid a visit with the media on Tuesday. "Be that as it may, some still are in Invicta. I would battle Megan Anderson, yet because of absence of (visa) she won't have the capacity to battle — and furthermore because of her flightiness, she hauled out of the battle a month prior."

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With Julia Budd (10-2) as the present featherweight champion, Bellator at present has 11 different featherweights in its list, including Marloes Coenen (23-8), Alexis Dufresne (6-3), Sinead Kavanagh (4-1) and Talita Nogueira (6-0). Cyborg battled twice under the UFC standard up until this point, completing Leslie Smith and Lina Lansberg through TKO in 140-pound catchweight sessions. Undefeated over her last eight battles with five stoppage triumphs and a few title safeguards in Invicta FC, Evinger is "overcome", her rival says. "Tonya acknowledged the battle on a month's notice, sparing the occasion and giving me a chance to battle," Cyborg said.


"She's originating from the (bantamweight) division, yet I believe she's a main 10 at 135, she just never had the opportunity to battle in the UFC. Also, she's overcome. I regard her for battling me without prior warning, that likewise allows her to demonstrate her work inside the UFC and, who knows, open more entryways for her to battle at 135, her unique division. "I trust Tonya is an extraordinary adversary, she has a considerable measure of battles and experience," she proceeded. "I trust she will give me more inconvenience than Megan Anderson since she has more involvement. We'll see. I don't care to talk before the battles, inside the Octagon is distinctive. Everyone has a course of action, however the arrangement changes after the principal punch." Also, shouldn't something be said about de Randamie, Cyborg's unique adversary?


At last, the Brazilian trusts she never had the goal to shield the featherweight belt she won against Holly Holm. "(The champion) can't turn down a battle in the event that he supposes you're extreme, in case you're an intense battle. It doesn't make a difference. On the off chance that you have the belt, you need to battle anybody," Cyborg said. "Like Dana White stated, she knew, even before she entered the Octagon (against Holm) that, in the event that she won, she would need to battle me, so I trust she acted in lacking honesty, she as of now ran there with this aim of backpedaling to her division in the event that she won the belt and attempt to end up noticeably the principal (female) competitor to hold two belts.


"I trust that a few competitors have fear, yet you need to deal with that. Competitors can't have fear. Dread of what? Dread of losing? Everyone loses one day. You win and lose. The two warriors can't win in this game, so you need to abandon it in God's grasp. Losing is not the apocalypse. Losing is characteristic, the better arranged competitor will win. "In case you're a warrior, you may lose a fight yet you can't lose the war. That is the thing that fans love, defeating, ricocheting back and winning once more. That is the thing that makes a competitor develop and fans to tail you. You experience difficult circumstances without dread of losing in light of the fact that that may happen." The UFC stripped de Randamie of the belt days after she voiced her concept of not confronting Cyborg, along these lines, at last, Cyborg will fight Evinger for an empty title in Anaheim.


The Brazilian, a previous featherweight ruler in Strikeforce and Invicta FC, has an alternate way to deal with the title battle. "I see this battle in the UFC as a title protection for me," Cyborg said. "I haven't lost my belt. I abandoned it. To me, it resembles a title guard. A few people may see the UFC as something with more incentive than the one that I held some time recently, at the same time, to me, it's another title protection. I prepare and buckle down as though I were dependably the No. 1 contender for each battle however."