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Goodbye and Hello

OpenXmlDeveloper.org is Shutting Down

There is a time for all good things to come to an end, and the time has come to shut down OpenXmlDeveloper.org.

Screen-casts and blog posts: Content on OpenXmlDeveloper.org will be moving to EricWhite.com.

Forums: We are moving the forums to EricWhite.com and StackOverflow.com. Please do not post in the forums on OpenXmlDeveloper.org. Instead, please post in the forums at EricWhite.com or at StackOverflow.com.

Please see this blog post for more information about my plans moving forward.  Cheers, Eric

[Azure] UFC 219 Live Stream Online Free Cyborg vs Holm

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  • Watch [Azure] UFC 219 Live Stream Online Free Cyborg vs Holm here:

    UFC 219 Live Stream

    "I haven't conversed with Conor about battling," White said on ESPN's SportsCenter Thursday. "We discussed different things. Like I said some time recently, he profited and I'm certain him and his family had a stunning Christmas. How about we get past the occasions and ideally he begins to recover the tingle to come and ideally we can get him back this late spring."

    That is a somewhat unexpected position in comparison to White took recently, when he conjectured that McGregor "may never battle again." The Irish genius is falling off a profession best payday accepted to be in the area of $100 million for boxing Floyd Mayweather on Aug. 26. He hasn't contended in the UFC since November 2016. White trusts that cash won't be the principle issue with regards to concluding any sort of arrangements with McGregor.

    "Cash is dependably a factor yet we've never had an issue completing an arrangement Conor McGregor. I don't see that being an issue," White said. "The inquiry is does he need to return and do it? Regardless of how much cash you make, I generally feel like with specific individuals you can just go on such huge numbers of excursions, there's just so much stuff you can purchase and afterward you're prepared to return to the crush, ideally."


    Watch [Azure] UFC 219 Live Stream Online Free Cyborg vs Holm

    Watch [Azure] UFC 219 Live Stream Online Free Cyborg

    Watch [Azure] UFC 219 Live Stream Online Free

    Watch [Azure] UFC 219 Live Stream Online

    Watch [Azure] UFC 219 Live Stream

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