The Beauty of a Child’s Imagination

Thanks to Disney Baby for sponsoring this post and sending us a vintage Tigger toy.From the day my sons were born, I have been in awe. It’s amazing how many things they pick up and how quickly they learn to become functioning little people.I am just like all the other moms who think their child is the greatest kid ever, the smartest baby at that age, the cutest little human in the world, etc., and I love seeing my tiny babies grow into such awesome little dudes.And isn’t there so much beauty in the imagination of a child? I’m so easily impressed with all of the ways my Bentley and KJ express themselves by using their imagination.For instance:KJ calls McDonald’s “Mickey Donald’s.” Somehow in my 3-year-old’s mind, he has decided that his apple juice, apple slices, and chicken nuggets can’t possibly be from anyone other than his pals Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. It’s so cute to hear him call it that.My boys love music and performing. They play the drums with anything that resembles a stick and come up with inventive ways to put on a show. KJ calls the TV remote his “micopone” (microphone) and sings into it like his life depends on it.My boys are so attached to their plush toys, it’s as if they believe they are real. KJ reminds me when Mickey is “hungry,” and he pretends to share his food with him. Bentley makes sure to kiss his plush Tigger every time we come home from being out and he has to cuddle him to fall asleep. Hearing your 18-month-old ask to “cuddle kitty” is the sweetest thing ever! (He calls him “kitty” because we have the vintage Tigger for him.)AdvertisementI can’t believe how easily my boys memorize songs and stories. When we ask them to sing their favorite song, they seem to know nearly every word. How amazing is that for a 3-year-old and a 20-month-old?! And Bentley loves to talk about the Big Bad Wolf. He says, “What does the Big Bad Wolf say?” We ask,baby clothes, “What?” and then he blows air out of his mouth as hard as he can. He also loves to talk about the snowman from Frozen. He says, “What does the snowman say?” and then he growls out “GOO AWAAYY!” I think he’s the real actor of the family.Build them a tent and they act like it’s a castle! There is something so intriguing to babies and toddlers about forts or tents in the living room. My boys will hang out in their homemade fort all day. They will take their snacks in there,baby bedding, along with their toys, books, drinks and blankets. I think if I told them they could live in the fort forever they would rejoice.My boys are convinced they know how to cook. They love to play pretend with our small pots and pans and mixing spoons. They act like they are “cooking” their cereal puffs or mixing up their veggies. Giving them the chance to handle food (not hot food,baby nappies, of course) on their own is always a great way to encourage their independence and hand-eye coordination. And your future daughter-in-law will love you forever if you teach your son how to cook when he gets older! It’s all about instilling the fundamentals now :).The most recent creative development in our household is when our boys take a bath and pretend that they are swimming. Bentley says, “I’m a fish, Mommy!” and rolls over on his tummy while I hold him to ensure he’s safe. He absolutely loves the water, and why wouldn’t he with fun things to play with like these squirtee bath toys? KJ and Bentley love squirting each other and having water wars with their favorite bath time companions.I love watching my little guys develop. It’s almost as if I can see their brains firing signals, teaching them things and storing up info for later. Are you as easily impressed with your little one as I am? I think it’s totally fine to believe my kids are the greatest kids ever, and I know you’ll be out there somewhere, thinking the same thing about your little miracle.