The moment to choose your baby’s first shoes is here. It's a wonderful phase of your life as a parent, but it can also become a hard one. You need to decide what shoes are the best to protect, support , fit well & be comfortable for your baby. And why not, look cute!

Of course, you're after the perfect experience for your baby’s first steps. And for that, you need to pick the right shoes.

Keep on reading & learn which baby shoes are the best for each of your baby’s phase and age: for when he’s in the crib, to crawling, learning to walk, and finally, walking and running around like a little bee!


Does your baby really need shoes? How important are they? This is the most common question asked by parents.

Although getting your baby first pair of shoes could be exciting, don’t hurry to go shopping. Even though baby shoes are important in protecting the baby’s feet, they are not necessary for the early months when the baby is in the crib or the stroller. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies' feet can develop well without shoes.

Baby shoes are not bad for babies - just not completely necessary in the beginning of their development. When your little one still crawling, leaving him barefoot and feeling the floor will help develop his balance, strength, and coordination.

Babies will need their first pair of shoes when they will start walking. Until then, you should just put your baby a pair of socks to keep feet clean and warm when needed. However, when you take your baby out in the world, you can give him a pair of soft soles for extra protection!


You’re used to booties, sandals, sneakers, but chances are, if you’re a new parent, you don’t know the baby shoes "lingo", like pram or cruisers. They can come with names you’re not yet familiar with, however it’s all down to the stage the baby will be needing them: whether it's being protected inside the crib, or for when the baby starts to crawl,baby safety, stand up and learn how to walk, and finally when the toddler walks & runs freely.

There are a lot of babies shoes out there, one cuter than the other. But what types of shoes can babies actually wear?

Depending on the baby's age,baby care, here's a list of shoe types, so you will know exactly what kind of shoes are the best each period of your baby's feet growth:

A pair of good baby shoes will always be made out of comfortable and quality materials that are breathable, and so worth buying for your little one's feet.

Trendy or Functional

If you are a more fashionable parent then you want your little one to also wear trendy clothes. So probably you’ll buy him outstanding outfits and cool shoes. Nothing bad in that,baby bedding, as long as any trendy show will not affect your baby’s health.

When you go shopping, pay attention to the things that we pointed out in `the fit` section above. Your baby’s feet need to be as comfortable as possible. When your baby is already a toddler, he will probably reject the shoes that are bothering his feet .