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New Release of the ListItemRetriever Module

Fresh release: HtmlConverter and ListItemRetriever v2.07.00. HtmlConverter is a high-fidelity conversion of WordprocessingML to HTML/CSS. ListItemRetriever is an integral part of HtmlConverter - it accurately calculates the "list item" for every paragraph in numbered or bulleted lists in a DOCX.

The HtmlConverter module supports converting DOCX documents containing text formatted with paragraph and character styles, tables formatted with table styles, including the various conditional formatting options of tables, documents that have tabs, numbered and bulleted lists, and much more.

For more information about the HtmlConverter module, see the blog post Transform DOCX to HTML/CSS with High-Fidelity using PowerTools for Open XML. For more info about the new ListItemRetriever module, see Announcing a Complete Re-write of ListItemRetriever.cs.

One additional note: To support many languages, I need volunteers to provide localized versions of a method, GetListItemText. These localized versions enable proper rendering of lists that are numbered with cardinal text (one, two, three), ordinal text (first, second, third), and ordinal (1st, 2nd, 3rd). To find out more, see this blog post.

Eric White


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