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PowerTools 3.1.00 Released - Far Easier Installation

I changed PowerTools Version 3.1 such that it no longer requires that you manually compile the PowerTools source code using Visual Studio! I also modified the directory structure somewhat in order to make installation as painfree as possible. See how easy it is to download and get going now.

The main point of PowerTools 3.x is that the PowerShell Cmdlets are now written using the PowerShell scripting language, not C#. This is a vast improvement - it is far, far easier to write Cmdlets using PowerShell scripts than to write them using C#.

This new release of PowerTools for Open XML is a work-in-progress. There are currently eleven Cmdlets. These Cmdlets demonstrate how to handle a variety of Open XML scenarios.

Here are some screen-casts to help you get going.

For more infomration, see the PowerTools for Open Xml Resource Center.

Eric White


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