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Open XML SDK is now Open Source!

Today MS Open Tech has announced the release of the Open XML SDK version 2.5 as open source software (Apache 2.0 license) under the stewardship of the .NET Foundation.  Brian Jones, who was instrumental in the creation of the Open XML standard, as well one of the folks behind the Open XML SDK, provides some historical background on Open XML, and the significance of this release.

I’ve been happy to announce the release of various other open source projects, but I’ve rarely been as delighted and enthusiastic as I am about this news.  This opens up a new era of power and flexibility for Open XML developers.  Open source developers can address bugs and build enhancements to the SDK in ways that were not available to us previously.

Because the SDK is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license, there are no platform restrictions.  I personally plan to port the SDK to other platforms such as Linux and OSX using the Mono C# compiler and the MONO .NET development framework.  I’ll start on these ports as time and schedules permit.

You can find out more about this open source release, including the opening up of the Open XML SDK documention and a video that shows how to download and build the libs at this blog post.

With the open sourcing of the Open XML Package Editor, and with this open sourcing of the Open XML SDK, development of Open XML applications just got a whole lot more interesting!  This is going to be fun!

Eric White


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