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How to submit a blog

Who can create blog content?

As in many reputation-based systems, Open XML Developer.org relies on your seniority in the system to know when to allow you to post blogs. When you have reached Level 5 you become an ODX Contributor and are allowed to create and post blogs to the site.

 How can I post blogs?

Once you have reached level 5, the initial level at which a member can post blogs, new functionality will appear on the right hand side of the Blog page. You will see a toolbar with “Mine” on the top of it, referring to your blog posts. Once you reach the level with the ability to approve articles, a second tab will appear with the title “Queue” on it, referring to blogs submitted by other members that are waiting for approval.  In the “Mine” list, you will see any of your own “Draft” blogs, submitted blogs that are currently in “Queue” and “Published” blogs. You can submit Draft blogs for publication or edit or delete existing blogs. Blogs that have been edited will show up again in the Queue and will need to be re-approved before the edited content will be published.

At the bottom of the Blog toolbar is a button titled “Create”. When you press this button, it opens a template to create a new blog post.  Creating a post is fairly self-explanatory. Add a title and enter your content using the editing tools to create links, add images and video and format text. For inserting code, use the “Insert code” button to keep existing formatting in your code. Add tagging and an excerpt at the bottom before pressing either “Save Draft” to continue writing and editing your blog or “Submit for Publication” when you are ready. If you are not yet an approver, your blog will be kept in a Queue until approved, at which time it will appear on the blog page.

What type of blogs should I post?

 Your blogs should be content that you find to be valuable and interesting to other developers working with Open XML. We find that by the time members have reached the level to be able to contribute blogs to the site, they are familiar with the type of content offered on this site. In general, blogs should follow the Code of Conduct.