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Creating Pivot Tables, Part 2

Creating Pivot Tables, Part 2

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This page has been moved.  You can find this content at the following link: Creating Pivot Tables, Part 2

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  • BobM -

    How would you do it from scratch - without a pivot table templated in a worksheet ?  That is, create an entirely new workbook, import csv data into a worksheet, and then on another worksheet, add a pivot table that references the data on the other worksheet ?

    For the majority, a template isn't going to work as data is not always a set number of columns nor are the columns consistently static, meaning the header values will be different for different sets of data.

  • This example does show the creation of a spreadsheet from scratch. The video shows both methods.

  • This third part of the series is a screencast that explains the Open XML elements needed for a pivot

  • BobM -

    I've some questions I'm hoping you can help with.

    I've downloaded the PowerTools and run the ExamplePivotTables project to create a new workbook.  The PivtoData.txt in the Range sheet does not show all of the data.  The header row is also missing;   only the data in the columns Year and Amount are visible.  All other column cells are empty.

    However, on the Pivot sheet, the Field List displays all of the Header field values.  I can even select fields to create a pivot and all the data is present in the  Pivot table.   Not quite sure how this is working.

    On another note, I've used my own set of csv data (which contains some empty columns).   It has 1096 rows with 136 columns.   The problem here is that any columns that are empty are throwing an exception in the 'CreatePivotTable() ' method, where it tries to :

      "Convert.ToDouble(value) <  minValue" .

    since the value is "".   I've also run across where the value is a vaild string (eg: "Dennis") and it comes into this line and blows up as well.

    By the way this took  to 40 seconds to load my data into the sheet using the StreamReader.   When I've loaded this data in another OpenXML project, from start to finish, the entire process takes about 5 or 6 seconds, albeit my workbook is corrupted.   I'm using the File.ReadAllLines() method.  Here is the times:

    RunTime 00:00:00.88  <-- created the source data sheet

    RunTime 00:00:05.75   <-- workbook has been created. Under 6 seconds from start t finish.

    [see below code how i load the range data]

    I manually edited this method to account for empty strings and null values but then the Pivot Table is corrupted.   Interestingly, the Field List has  all of the header values, but as I mentioned above, these values are missing from the Range sheet, as well as the empty column cells.

    [start code]

        string[] _csvPivotTableReferenceData = File.ReadAllLines("c:\\temp\\CATS 11-1 - 11-15 Trv.csv");

         // add the rows/cells of data

         int rowCounter = 1;

         foreach (var r in _csvPivotTableReferenceData)


           Row row =

             new Row() { RowIndex = UInt32Value.FromUInt32((uint)rowCounter), Spans = new ListValue<StringValue>() { InnerText = "1:" + _sourceDataColumnCount.ToString() }, DyDescent = 0.25D };

           int cellIndex = 1;

           var cellData = r.Split(new char[] { ',' });

           foreach (var c in cellData)


             // construct Excel column reference for the data

             StringValue cellReference = (StringValue)String.Concat(GetExcelColumnName(cellIndex),rowCounter.ToString());

             Cell cell = new Cell() { CellReference = cellReference, DataType = CellValues.String };

             CellValue cellValue = new CellValue();

             cellValue.Text = c;








    [end code]

  • Bob,

    This is in addition to my comment above [Thu, Feb 2 2012 10:55 AM].

    It looks like all String values do not get added to the sheet.   All of the empty cells should be string data.  Only the numeric data is in the cells.

    I'm looking in the SetCellValue() method of WorksheetAccessor.cs but it looks like the string values are added, so not sure what's going on.  

    BTW, using Office 2010 on Windows 7.

  • Re. refreshing the pivot table in the template example.  When originally creating the pivot table by hand in the template, from the PivotTable Options (right click on the pivot table) you can choose to "Refresh data when opening the file" (see the Data tab).  This will mean the pivot table gets automatically refreshed.

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