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Goodbye and Hello

OpenXmlDeveloper.org is Shutting Down

There is a time for all good things to come to an end, and the time has come to shut down OpenXmlDeveloper.org.

Screen-casts and blog posts: Content on OpenXmlDeveloper.org will be moving to EricWhite.com.

Forums: We are moving the forums to EricWhite.com and StackOverflow.com. Please do not post in the forums on OpenXmlDeveloper.org. Instead, please post in the forums at EricWhite.com or at StackOverflow.com.

Please see this blog post for more information about my plans moving forward.  Cheers, Eric

Open XML Developer Workshop content

Open XML Developer Workshop content

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During the first half of 2007, trainers from Microsoft, Sonata, InfoSupport, Allette, Predeek Consulting and others delivered Open XML developer workshops in over 30 countries.  These workshops were all structured around a set of inter-related presentations and hands-on labs that cover typical Open XML development scenarios.

Those presentations and hands-on labs (as well as all supporting content, such as demo files) are now available for free download from OpenXMLDeveloper.org at the links below.

ADDED 8/14/07: there is now a book available as well that covers many of these topics. You can download the book here.

Module/Topic Presentation Samples Lab Manual
00: Open XML Architecture Refreshing for Office 2010
01: XML Programming in .NET Refreshing for Office 2010
02: Open XML Packages Refreshing for Office 2010
03: WordprocessingML Basics Refreshing for Office 2010
04: WordprocessingML Advanced Refreshing for Office 2010
06: SpreadsheetML Basics Refreshing for Office 2010
07A: SpreadsheetML Advanced Refreshing for Office 2010
07B: DrawingML Refreshing for Office 2010
08: PresentationML Refreshing for Office 2010
09: XSLT and Open XML Refreshing for Office 2010
11: C++/CLI Refreshing for Office 2010

Hands-on labs (source code)
Hands-on labs: C# "starter" versions download link
Hands-on labs: C# finished solutions download link
Hands-on labs: Java versions download link

For help learning this content, please post your technical questions on the Forums section of OpenXMLDeveloper.org. Many of the persons who created this content are active participants in the forums and can answer your questions there.

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