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Move Slides across Presentation ML Document

Move Slides across Presentation ML Document

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                                 by Vijayeta Tilak of Sonata Software limited.

This Article describes the working of an application, which allows slides of one presentation document to be moved into another.

This application is useful in environments that do not support opening and editing of a presentation document.

The application uses System.IO.Packaging API (.NET 3.0) and is freely downloadable.

The application presents a UI, through which the user can select two presentation documents, view their contents and also move slides from one document to another.

GUI of the Windows application (Dowloadable)



At a time the application allows the user to select two different presentation documents .The UI consists of treeview controls, each listing out the slide contents of each of the document selected.

The treeview lists out the titles and subtitles of each slide. The contents of a particular subtitle can be viewed in the textbox present, on selection of that subtitle in the treeview.The textbox is uneditable, i.e only displays subtitles and allows no changes

Once,both the treeviews are populated with the corresponding presentation document contents,the user can move one complete slide from one document to another,this application does not allow movement of subtitles.

The slide hence selected will now get added to the second document positioned as last slide. This application allows movement of slides in either direction, i.e. across both the documents selected.

The button “Create New Presentation”, creates a new presentation document with the new slides added to the present one.

The button “Save File” allows the user to save the new presentation document to the local drive.


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