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Ecma International approves Office Open XML as an Ecma standard

Ecma International approves Office Open XML as an Ecma standard

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Geneva, 7 December 2006. It's official! Office Open XML is now an Ecma standard (Ecma 376). At their meeting earlier today, the General Assembly approved the standard and also approved submitting the standard for adoption under the ISO/IEC JTC 1 process. Click here for the official Ecma announcement of this important milestone for the Open XML development community.

Here are quotes from public sector and IT industry organizations (including many of the founding members of the Open XML Developer Group) about Office Open XML:

“We sincerely hope that OpenXML will become a recognized international standard. This will enable authorities and citizens more choice to create, store and interact with their electronic documents.”
Edmundas Kazakevičius, Head of Information Society Division, Chancellery of Lithuanian Government

“ProActive A/S believes that the ECMA Open XML Document initiative/format represents one of the most important standardization efforts within the IT community at this time. We have already been working with the format and find that its versatility as well as adaptability is working very well. With this format as an established standard, we will be able to build more integrated, more open and more cost-efficient Knowledge Management solutions, as well as line-of-business solutions. The benefits will be numerous to vendors, customers and users alike. ”
Gorm Larsen, CEO, ProActive A/S

“2ndC A/S has worked with open standards since the company was founded in 1990. Ecma OpenXML gives the entire IT sector a unique possibility to compete fairly and openly, while at the same time ensure that the clients will not be locked to a single supplier. 2ndC A/S fully supports making the format an ISO/IEC standard.”
Jesper Bergstedt, CEO, 2ndC Danmark A/S

“The Docx format is ideal for server production of documents with use of integrated metadata from the Acos production systems (case management solutions for public sector). The format enables easy reuse of parts of a document, which is very useful for public sector case reviews. The format will significantly reduce installation problems and customer support. Furthermore, a docx-document can easily be converted to mange different viewing formats such as html, pdf and doc.”
Per Helge Refvik, Head of Development, Acos

“At ILOG, we are committed to ensuring that our customers benefit from the latest technology innovations. The new version of Visual Studio Tools for Office allows us to leverage the Office environment in order to enhance our BRMS offering. We expect further benefits for our customers in the Open XML format with better data exchange between our products and other Enterprise software applications.”
Jean François Abramatic, Chief Product Officer, ILOG

“We believe OpenXML will create a wave of new innovation, by enabling independent software vendors like us to capitalize on industry investments to deliver value-added solutions. OpenXML enables richer integration of Microsoft Office data with data from other business solutions. Customers are asking for integration and simplification in heterogeneous environments; Open XML represents a huge step in this direction. It is easy to use the Open XML document container for document centric business processes by adding any kind of user-defined information. This metadata and additional documents are usable by services and backend systems like ERP, CRM or ECM applications. Open XML allows us to ‘cross the Rubicon’ to achieve our vision of ‘managed documents’ in heterogeneous ICT environments. We applaud ECMA OpenXML as a standard solution and look forward to seeing OpenXML validated by ISO/IEC.”
Dr. Karl-Heinz Sternemann, CEO, BizT@lk AG - Germany

“At HTS, a key problem we face is accessing the information we have stored in existing Office documents. We need a broadly accepted Office Open XML format standard which will let us access our internal gold mine of existing materials, as well as those that we will create going forward.”
Arlin Sorensen, Heartland Technologies

“We appreciate Ecma OpenXML as another document format standard. This is an important step to all users and a contribution to all, which will support the interoperability between different Office Systems based on open XML document formats and the competition of solutions. We look forward to seeing OpenXML become an ISO/IEC standard.”
Gerd Schürmann, Fraunhofer FOKUS

“I believe that the new XML format was a very good move on Microsoft's part. While I do not have customers demanding that Microsoft Office change their format today, I believe that the move strengthens MS Office…(and) the long-term availability of the content in the documents is a major factor in a number of the industries that I work with (namely healthcare). Having the files stored in a format that can be accessed 10 years from now without having to go through 10 upgrades is a very compelling factor and value add to MS Office.”
Mike Bryant, Software Synergistics

“I would like to express our support to this document format on behalf of PC-WARE/Ravenholm Computing in Denmark. We see OpenXML as a stable and viable open document format since it enables great interoperability scenarios which will benefit all customers and users as we see it. We therefore support OpenXML becoming an ISO/IEC standard.”
Leif Carlsen, PC-WARE/Ravenholm Computing A/S

“We certainly find the new Ecma Open XML format very exciting - with respect to delivering high value solutions to our customers. The Open XML format enables scenarios where documents can be created, accessed, and enriched by information from several processes and systems. This is a great step towards truly open and very flexible support of document based business critical processes; (we) can't think of any enterprise not having immediate interest in that.”
André Rogaczewski, Netcompany IT & Business Consulting

“Ecma OpenXML is a central open document format; it enables Ementors eGovernment solutions and interoperability scenarios. Ementor support it becoming an ISO/IEC standard.”
Niels Henrik Sodemann, Director, Ementor Denmark A/S

“As with many complex organizations, ours runs on documents -- documents for regulatory reasons, for analytical purposes, for communications, for internal management, for projects, for many things. Digital documents are much like paper documents. They proliferate and are hard to manage, track, dissect, control, store and ultimately, to use. The Office Open XML format will over time clearly give us more control over our intellectual capital and we are eager to see it become an adopted standard.”
Kęstutis Naujokaitis, Director, Dokumentų valdymo sistemos

“As documents management systems builders, we welcome Microsoft’s decision to make digital documents format open and standardized. That will enable our customers to have more effective usage of the stored documents in their archives irrespective what kind of software was used in order to create these documents. Moreover, this decision will let us avoid interoperability problems within various office software vendors.”
Antanas Jankūnas, Director, Sekasoft

“The move towards standartization is a huge step forward and it really helps to increase value of MS Office Open XML formats by improving transparency and interoperability. This effort opens a lot of commercial opportunities for many companies.”
Jonas Albrechtas, Director, Doclogix

“Today’s Ecma vote is a major milestone in furthering document interoperability — we believe customers will really appreciate the benefits that Open XML provides. We look forward to continuing to work with Ecma and the other contributors, extending our collaboration across the industry as part of the ISO certification process.”
Craig Mundie, Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Microsoft
Microsoft's press release regarding the Ecma vote

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