Content Control Toolkit screenshot If you're working on Open XML solutions that use Word 2007 content controls and bind them to nodes in your custom XML data part, then you need this tool. It provides a simple graphical view of the content controls and custom XML nodes in a document, and you can bind a node to a control by simple drag&drop operations. Click on the screen shot here to see how it works.

It's a great way to manually create a data-bound document, and it's also a good developer tool for learning about the markup you need for binding controls to data. You can generate well-formed data-binding markup with a few clicks, then look at how it works and use the same markup in your custom solution as needed.

The tool, developed by Microsoft's Matt Scott, is available as a Codeplex project, and there's also a video on Channel 9 where Matt goes through the design and development of the tool and demonstrates its use.