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Creating a PresentationML document with .NET


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Creating a PresentationML document with .NET

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 Article By : Vijayeta.t of  SONATA SOFTWARE LIMITED

The objective of this article is to create an OpenXML PresentationML using the .NET 3.0 System.IO.Packaging API.

The user is provided with a GUI to enter the text which would appear in slides. The UI consists of multiline textboxes for the header and the content, where the user can enter text for each slide. The user may also navigate through slides and create multiple slides.

The contents of textboxes are read into xml files slide.xml.  Contents of slide.xml:


 The Slide.xml parts that hold the content of each slide and the presentation.xml part that describes the relationship  Id of each of the slides, are all created programatically.

The standard files such as SlideLayouts,SlideMaster,NotesMaster and Themes are added to the ‘bin’ directory of the project,which are read and packaged to form the presentation package.These files can also be created programatically as part of package.

 Here is an example of the UI:


Open file explorer select and double click on the document you just created (assuming you have PowerPoint 2007 installed):


The presentation is displayed as follows:


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    I registered and this still happens. Any ideas?
  • Steven, I'm not sure what's going on here.  I've looked at this post on my computers at home and work and the images show up fine for me.  Are you still having a problem?

    - Doug
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  • neither can I... same error message?!
  • Do something about this page..I have to have to see the pictures onthis page..It is so IMP for  me..please
  • I can't see the pictures. I get the following message:

    You do not have permissions to perform the requested action

  • Instead of enterin text theough a GUI, is it possible to create the presentation from a styled Word document?
  • Creating a PresentationML document with .NET - OpenXML Developer - Blog - OpenXML Developer

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