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Office Devcon and Open XML Formats


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Office Devcon and Open XML Formats

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The Microsoft Office Systems Developer Conference 2007 is wrapping up in the next hour, and it's been a great event for developers working with the Open XML Formats, with lots of learning and networking opportunities for the attendees.

Brian Jones speaking about Open XML Formats at Office DevconAt the file formats track on Tuesday, Brian Jones spoke to a full house about the history of the formats and some of the key benefits, followed by Tristan Davis covering the schemas and then Kevin Boske on using the WinFX System.IO.Packaging APIs to build solutions around the new formats. One of the interesting moments in Kevin's presentation was when he asked how many of the 400 people in the room had automated the Office clients on a server. Half the hands in the room went up, which was a great testament to the need for a more scalable approach to building server-side solutions that generate well-formed Office documents.

Other events of interest to Open XML Formats developers included the sessions demonstrating Sharepoint's support for the new Office file formats, and a series of presentations Wednesday afternoon from ISVs who already have running code that supports the new formats and new capabilities of Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007. Stephen Peront, a regular contributor here at OpenXmlDeveloper.org, demonstrated a new version of XiDocs that created a Powerpoint PPTX file from dynamic content he entered through web forms, including arbitrarily selected content from a slide library, all running in a browser with no other client-side software installed.

We're working on getting content from Office Devcon for the site, so sign up for the RSS feeds and watch for new code snippets and utilities in the weeks ahead.

  • Hey Doug, Chad Rothschiller was also there with Tristan during the schema drilldown. Tristan covered the WordprocessingML schemas, and Chad covered the SpreadsheetML schemas.
  • I missed that session, had to go to the office for some things.  But then, I guess that's obvious.

    Sorry about that, Chad. :-)
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