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There is a time for all good things to come to an end, and the time has come to shut down OpenXmlDeveloper.org.

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WordProcessingML document creation in pure Java

WordProcessingML document creation in pure Java

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Much of the activity around the Open XML Formats has been related to Microsoft Office 2007, because that's the most widely used software that supports the standard.  But as developers being working with Open XML Formats in other environments, you'll see many implementations that don't use Microsoft tools or APIs at all.

This article is an example of such an implementation.  Written by a team of developers at Sonata Software, the article shows step-by-step how to write Java code that generates a valid Open XML Format word-processing document.

There are two groups of developers who will find this article especially useful:

Developers working in non-Microsoft environments, such as Java on Linux or Mac OS.  This article will show you how to create Open XML Format documents with the tools you already know and use every day.

Developers building a server-side document assembly applications (in any environment).  This article will show you how to assemble Open XML Format documents from other data sources (such as line of business applications or content-management applications) in a highly scalable architecture that requires no use of the Office clients.

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